Ardestan Steel Complex

History of complex construction

Privately owned Ardestan Steel Complex Company was established in 2008 with the aim of creating a complete steel-making complex with the supply of iron ore from mine under ownership to the production of a variety of constructional, industrial and alloy steels in accordance with the latest international standards in Ardestan city located in Isfahan province on an area of 150 hectares.

Design and structure of the complex

The design of this house was initially done in three phases. In the first phase, the construction of the steelmaking unit by the method of electric arc furnace with a capacity of 550,000 tons of steel billet ingots with the technology of the German SMS company. Also in the second phase of this industrial complex, hot rolling unit of alloy rebars and industrial shafts and construction and industrial coils has been designed and planned. The third phase of this complex is the production of iron pellets with a capacity of 2 million tons and the production of sponge iron by the Midrex method with a capacity of 1.2 million tons. According to the needs of the country, the managers of this large industrial complex decided to construct a hot rolling unit of steel sheets in a separate phase in a coil. Technical studies and economic evaluations have been done and in the coming years, the hot rolling unit of this complex will be able to produce 1.8 million tons of hot rolled steel sheets.

Investment Projects

The implemented projects, development plans and most of the equipment have the highest level of technology and global quality, and the main costs of constructing and constructing these projects have generally been paid by the private sector, estimated at 250 million euros in currency and 1500 million tomans rials. In order to construct and complete the development plans of the company, 250 million euros in currency and 10,000 billion rials of investment is needed, mainly through the private sector. One of the characteristics of this industrial company is having a complete cycle of steel chain, which will become one of the largest producers with a complete private sector chain in the country in the coming years.

Production Units and Projects

  • Steel Making Unit: The first phase of the steel making unit with a capacity of 550 thousand tons produces a variety of construction and industrial and alloy billet ingots by electric arc furnace method.
  • Hot rebar rolling unit: The first phase of the hot rolling unit with a capacity of 300 thousand tons produces a variety of industrial and qualitative rebars and alloys and thick steel shafts.
  • Hot rolled steel plate unit: production of 1.8 million tons of hot steel sheet from size 1.8 to 15 mm.
  • Direct reduction unit: Production of 2.1 million tons of sponge iron by myderx method from iron pellets.
  • Pelletizing Unit: Production of 2 million tons of iron pellets from iron concentrate.
  • Steel Making Unit: The second phase of steel making with a capacity of 800,000 tons produces a variety of quality, industrial and alloy steel slabs to supply the raw materials of the hot rolling unit of steel plate coils.

Mines owned

One of the features that distinguishes this company from other steel companies is the benefit of magnetite and hematite iron ore mines under its exploitation, which has the ability to supply 2 million tons of granulated iron ore annually. In this regard, esteemed managers and investors decided to build a concentrate unit of this industrial complex in the mining area of this company.

Integrated Landscapes

  • Presenting the best steel products at the international level and competing in global markets
  • Contributing to the country’s economy and improving the level of steel production
  • Production of steel in a new way with the lowest level of environmental pollution
  • Paying special attention to export and foreign exchange markets for the country
  • More job creation for national production
  • Sustainable employment in the region
Projects under construction
Completed Projects

Our Standards

Importance to the environment

The use and use of new methods in the utilization of resources and the process of producing steel products has caused the lowest level of environmental pollution to remain. The industrial complex’s adherence to international environmental protection laws proves the importance of this issue.

Contributing to the country’s economy

One of the goals of this industrial complex is to improve the level of steel production, which can be achieved by providing the highest quality steel products at the international standard level. In addition, exports and competition in global markets are other goals that are very effective in helping the country’s economy.

Sustainable job creation

More job creation and the use of trained and skilled human resources in the field of steelmaking, in order to increase national production and create sustainable employment in the region, is also one of the goals of this industrial complex.

Importance to international standards

Applying international standards in the process of steel production in this complex and utilizing the final products to provide the best and highest quality steel products to customers are the determinants of this complex.

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